Our brand agency is comprised of a multi-talented team of corporate branding agency professionals with extensive creative and technical skills in sports design, advertising, animation, brand identity, graphic design, marketing, and video production. We have a long and highly successful history providing innovative creative visual identity solutions which are both memorable — and measurable. With over 50 years of brand identity management and design agency experience, we use a client-centric business model encouraging creative collaboration to drive business opportunities and stimulate revenue growth.


  • Tom O'Grady

  • Patricia Aguilar

  • Brigitte Smith

  • Our Mascot Champ

Tom’s passion for brand identity, video animation and sports design started when he served as a VP, Global Creative Director for the National Basketball Association. Tom’s passion for corporate identity and video animation drew back to his hometown of Chicago to create his own creative branding agency. Tom now serves as a Partner and Chief Creative Officer of Gameplan Creative. He oversees the creative mission and direction of the brand agency supervising a staff of full-time visual branding designers and video animation experts. In the early 1990’s, Tom’s elevated sports teams brand value by treating each team’s brand identity in a strategic visual identity approach. This paradigm shift changed how leagues and teams view their own sports design identity processes. Tom was instrumental in brand building for individual NBA players as the league began to look at each player as their own unique “living brand”. This brand personality approach has been has become a best practice in the sports entertainment industry.

Pat is an award winning production manager from Chicago with extensive experience in the advertising and production industries. She has worked for a variety of Fortune 500 companies in Chicago and New York for more than 20 years and has worked with a broad range of notable clients. Pat is a recipient of the National North American Gold Ink Award and the Association of Graphic Communication 59th & 60th Annual Certificate of Achievement awards. She is a graduate from Roosevelt University with a BA degree in Integrated Marketing Communications. As the Managing Partner at Gameplan Creative, Pat brings her advertising agency and corporate career expertise to clients with passion, integrity, high end quality standards and a desire to deliver excellence with every brand--every time.

Brigitte graduated from Iowa State University in 2013 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts - Graphic Design (BFA). In 2014, Brigitte landed the lead Graphic Design position with the Iowa Wild, the AHL affiliate of the Minnesota Wild. For over three seasons, Brigitte pioneered Iowa Wild's seasonal brand identities, print and digital sponsorship fulfillments, as well as photography on and off the ice. Brigitte continues to harness current and past sports design experiences to create fundamentally captivating visuals elevating client brands and concepts.

Meet our mascot Champ!

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Set the bar as high as you can. Then, go beyond the expected.


Gameplan Creative plays big. So, it should surprise no one that our creative process includes eleven steps. Why eleven? We drew our inspiration from an NBA basketball legend who went by the moniker “The Big E” and sported jersey number 11 needing only the letter “E” to identify the great Elvin Hayes.


The innovative approaches we apply across brand, design, and marketing disciplines are guided and informed by collective experience spanning decades. From ushering in the golden age of NBA Identity Systems in the 90s to leaving today’s stadium fans breathless with eye-popping state-of-the-art video board and LED ribbon board animations, our creative solutions have revolutionized design and are considered by many to be industry best practices. Whether firing up engagement for sports and entertainment or making companies stand apart, we have the robust talents and proficiencies needed to deliver truly extraordinary results.

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

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